New Beginnings

I am so thrilled to finally announce that I got my first post-grad job! I've been waiting for this moment since the first day of college nearly four years ago.

I remember the exact moment I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in public relations. At the University of Oregon, there was an introductory class that was required for any major within the journalism school in which local professionals would come in weekly to talk to students about their journey and life as journalism/communications professionals. It was a professor at my university that came in and talked about her day to day schedule as a professor and a public relations professional. I remember being so amazed by all that she did that I had an "aha moment" that I wanted that lifestyle and career.

From that spring day in 2014, I knew I was meant for a career in public relations. Continuing in my classes over the next three years, I was so eager to start my career.

As senior year approached, I really started to narrow down exactly what I wanted to do. I worked extremely hard to create a professional portfolio and prepare myself for the job search once it came.

I began applying for any and all PR-related jobs within the Portland area as soon as spring break hit. After application and application, interviews on top of interviews, the feeling of rejection set in. I felt doomed and that I wasn't going to find a job in my field. I put the search for the perfect job on the back burner as I finished up my degree.

Although I was extremely excited to graduate in June, I was also very upset that I was not graduating with a secured PR job like many of my fellow graduates. It kept me up at night, stressing about the future and what would happen.


As you can probably imagine, I was applying for jobs like crazy! Then all of the sudden, something happened. I applied for a job and was immediately contacted for an interview the next day. After my phone interview, they emailed me later that day for an in-person interview. I immediately drove to the office and had an interview and was offered the job on the spot. 

I was so happy I told my now-boss that I could cry of happiness and immediately hugged her. Finally the search was over and I was on top of cloud nine (and still am). 

My official job title is Social Media/Sales Support Specialist! I will be working with social media accounts, which is exactly what I was hoping to do. But I'll also be doing some other work that I am so excited about. 

While applying for 60 jobs since March and constantly getting rejected or ignored brought me down, I believe everything happens for a reason. This was the job for me and it came at the perfect time. 

I am looking forward to what my career has in store and I am so ready for my new beginning!

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