Three Shows You Should Be Watching

I will confess, I am a Netflix addict. I love finding new shows and movies to watch. In fact, I have watched over 70 movies within the last 11 months, which I think is somewhat crazy. When I am not watching a movie on the weekends, I am always looking for a show to watch as I get ready or before I go to bed. Since the summer started and I've had some more free time on my hands since graduating in June, I have found three shows that I am raving over.

The Bold Type I'll admit this show has thus far turned out to be a little different than I thought. It focuses on three best friends working for a top women's magazine in NYC. This show is different because it focuses on important issues and brings them to light (i.e. topics of politics, feminism, etc), which I think is important for the millennial demographic they are trying to reach. While I thought this show would be kind of cheesy, as it is a Freeform show, it has exceeded my expectations.  I recommend this show if you are looking for something light with a little drama, love and everything in between. Watch this show on the Freeform website or Tuesday nights.


The Keepers Okay, this show blew me away. It was recommended to me on Netflix before it was available based on other shows I have watched but I was hesitant to watch because I thought it was  a scripted show not based on a true story. Well, to say the least, I was wrong. This show is a docu-series based on the true story of the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. It follows the details of her death and how people are still trying to uncover the mystery today. I watched this series in one weekend because I was so intrigued. You can stream it anytime on Netflix.

Riverdale After hearing all the buzz about Riverdale on Twitter when it was airing on tv back in January, I was excited to watch it as I saw it was finally on Netflix. If you don't know what this show is about, it follows the lives of characters based off of the comic Archie and Friends as they come across various things in the dark, mysterious town of Riverdale. This was another show I finished extremely quick - let's just say my friends I have recommended this to, as well as myself, are eager for season two because season one was so great. Watch Riverdale whenever on Netflix.

What are some shows either currently on tv or on Netflix that you have recently watched or love? I am up for any new suggestions!

Emily Doyen