The Girl Behind the Blog

Before I delve deeper into blogging, I thought I would take the time to introduce myself a bit more. Some of my readers may know me very well, others maybe not; either way, here are a few facts about myself.

My favorite color is white. I love that white is so clean and simplistic.

Before college, I wanted to be a dermatologist. Don't ask me why because I honestly have no idea. Now looking back five years ago to when I wanted to be a dermatologist, I could never imagine myself now working in a medical office or interacting with people on that personal of a level (by that I mean messing with their skin).

Speaking of college, during my first two years of college, I changed my major four times and my minor three times. I initially started as a pre-business major, then I became a pre-digital arts major, then I became a pre-advertising major and after one introductory journalism class, I decided that public relations was the major for me. As far as my minor goes, I decided I wanted to minor in digital arts once I no longer wanted to major in it. Then I wanted to try a Spanish minor but figured it wasn't for me and went for a woman & gender studies minor. Lost? I graduated with a BA in public relations and a minor in WGS.

I was always the kid that got in trouble for talking too much during class. This should have been a hint that I should study communications and pursue a career in it from my in-class habits since first grade.

My dream job is to be a wedding planner. There's just something about the planning and meticulous details of a couple's special day that attracts me to the field. Being able to help someone make some of their dreams come true on their wedding day would be a rewarding experience.

If I could move, I would move to Seattle. I just love the city and all that it has to offer. I am hoping later in life when I establish myself and my career more, I get the opportunity to live in or near Seattle.

My go-to type of food is Mexican. It is actually sort of weird that it became my favorite type of food because the only "Mexican food" I would eat until the middle of high school was a quesadilla (I was the one that ordered a cheeseburger and fries at every restaurant in Mexico).

I am obsessed with social media. People have called me the social media queen because I am always on it and always posting. My favorite platform? Instagram because I like communicating through visuals.

The top two places I am dying to travel to are Germany and Greece. Time to get my passport renewed and save up for a trip in the far future? I think yes.

In the last ten months, I have watched 70 movies. What can I say? I like to take advantage of my Netflix account. My favorite genres? Thriller/horror and comedies. My favorite movies of that list? The Shining (I think I have Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick beat of the number of times I have seen it) and The Girl on the Train.

A few of my favorite things (my friends & family, dogs, sweets, bubble tea).